Through ecological stewardship, edible gardening, cooking and systems thinking, Schoolyard Crop connects learners to nature and their food…

Services and Materials Provided

  • Free edible garden consultation for interested schools
  • Collaboration with relevant school and district personnel for site selection and design
  • Creation of initial community outreach materials for awareness, support and financial partnership, including a sustainability and maintenance plan
  • Training and oversight for initial worm composting and sheet mulching process
  • Lesson plan kits for integrated, experiential garden curriculum, including worm composting, seed starting, planting, harvesting, cooking and more
  • Ongoing consultation and training for teachers and volunteers as desired

The disconnect from nature and agriculture is a fundamental problem showing that today’s children don’t know where food comes from. Less than 7% of the food we eat in Colorado is grown within the state. 1 in 3 kids are predicted to be diagnosed with diabetes by the time they graduate from high school.

As learners become more familiar with whole foods they grow, harvest, prepare and cook, they will accept and take advantage of healthier options in the cafeteria, in addition to realizing their beneficial role in ecosystems. Learners also bring this knowledge home, creating a foundation for making healthier choices at an early age for themselves, their families and the planet.