Girl Scouts helped with the inital sheet mulch using recycled pizza boxes. We look to repurpose materials such as wood chips and tree stumps which were donated by a local tree service company. Flagstone pavers were donated by neighbors and a local stone yard. Surrounding community and Snooze Eatery helped lay the pathways and stump border. Our local Snooze Eatery and Whole Foods have

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Social Studies


Since we grow many heirloom varieties, students learn the history and many interesting facts about the plants they are starting from seed. Did you know that tomatoes can also be yellow, orange, black, white, green and even striped?!



While caring for the worms, students weigh their food scraps, take the temperature of the bin, feed the worms and make observations, recording data into their science journal. They learn that healthy soil creates healthy plants, and delcious produce, which is great for growing healthy bodies.



While making zucchini muffins in the summer program, students harvested and weighed over 20lbs of zucchini and made gluten and nut free muffins. There was so much excitement that students were tasting raw zucchini and asking to bring the muffin recipe and extra zucchini home to their parents!



In addition to repurposing materials for the garden and recycling many products at school through Terracycle, we also learn about nature’s recyclers. Our sheet mulch is teaming with all kinds of life, creating healthy soil in our garden. Weeds are mulch too that once pulled are left in place for nature’s recyclers. Did you know that a handful of soil can contain more living

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We asked the students to brainstorm what seeds need to grow, and then compare with things that they need to grow. What do you think? Do we need dirt to grow?!